News 2021


Speciality Show KCHPS Košice,SK - 18.09.2021

This show was judged by Sona Heldová,SK - thank you for the objective judgement of our offsprings. Big congratulations to all owners and big thank you for the presentation of our Wavelet kennel ... 

NO TE VAYAS Wavelet - Exc.1, CAJC, JBOB,  Junior Speciality Winner 2021, BOB aaand BIS JUNIOR  1 !!!

KENNETH Wavelet - Exc.1, CAC, Speciality Winner 2021

PRISCILLA Wavelet - Very promising 1, BOB Baby, BIS BABY 1 !!!




Regional dog show Pezinok,SK - 18.09.2021

Paddie Wavelet participated at his first show ever. He got the best description from the judge, he got Very promising 1, BOB Baby and he was selected between TOP 5 Minor puppy BIS. Big congratulations to his owners and thanks Nikol Pisonova for the lovely presentation. Beautiful shots made by Adel Cori, also thank you :-)




Winston-Salem,NC - 18.-19.09.2021

BIS BISS GCH Emanuell Wavelet got BOB both days and on Sunday he also placed second in the Owner-Handler group. Congratulations to his owners :-)



International Dog SHow HODMEZOVASÁRHELY,HU - 03-05.09.2021

Big congratulations to Priscilla Wavelet (Tuntun) and her owners for winnings at their first show :-)

FRIDAY - Very promising 1, BOB baby, BIS 3 baby      SATURDAY - Very promising 1, BOB baby    SUNDAY - Very promising 1, BOB baby, BIS 3 baby



National dog show Olomouc,CZ - 04.09.2021

Honorable judge: Petr Řehánek (CZ) - ERNESTO (Jonathan Wavelet) took Exc.1, CAC, NATIONAL WINNER-21, BOB. Big congratulations and thanks goes to owners Hanuš and Karolína!

ERNESTO IS A STUD DOG with great and friendly temperament, and excellent health results too. He is AVAILABLE at stud for BITCHES with BREEDING PERMISSION, health tested. He has got HD A, ED 0, PRA N/N, DM N/N, NAD N/N, CHG N/N, Long tail and DNA Profile.


Hochelaga, Canada - 20-22.08.2021

 Kendall Wavelet (Nicki) presented by Noreena Seery, owned by Catherine Woodlife. Taking BEST OF BREED all days.



International dog show Bialystok,PL - 22.08.2021

On the international show in Bialystok participated Oslo (Off He Goes Wavelet) where he got Very promising 1, BOB puppy. Congratulations to the family Radecki!


International dog show Brno, 14-15.08.2021

Carlos - Key West Wavelet - both days won Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and became CZ CHAMPION!

Nuti - Maxijane Dankin Donut for Wavelet - won both days Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and became CZ CHAMPION !

Tiago - Rayaragua Billabong - got Vet-CAC and became new VETERAN CHAMPION CZ!


Regional dog show Tyna nad vltavou,CZ - 08.08.2021

Suzie (Ocean Wind Wavelet) won Very promising 1 and BEST IN SHOW Puppy 4. Congratulations to her owners!


Club dog show Námešť na hané,CZ - 07.08.2021

The honorable judge: Jana Janek,SK

Carlos (Mult.CH BISS Key West Wavelet) - Exc.1, CAC, Club Winner-2021, BOB

Tiago (Mult.CH BIS JWW, WW, EUW Rayaragua Billabong) - Exc.1, Vet-CAC, BEST IN SHOW 2 Veteran

Nuti (Mult.CH Maxijane Dankin Donut for Wavelet) - Exc.1, CAC, Club Winner-21, BOS

Ibiza (Mult.CH Ibiza Wavelet) - Exc.1, CAC - new Champion of Czech Republic



International dog show Debrecen,HU 30-31.07.2021 

Maxijane Dankin Donut for Wavelet (Nuti) became new International champion - C.I.B and also Hungarian champion. Carlos (Key West Wavelet)  became Hungarian champion too. Thanks to all judges for these results!



Club show Veľké Úľany,SK 18.07.2021

The judge: Judit Beke,HU

CARLOS (Key West Wavelet) - Exc.1, CAC, CC, BOB, Club winner-21, BEST IN SHOW 1 !!!

TIAGO (Rayaragua Billabong) - Exc.1, BEST IN SHOW Veteran 2

PENELOPE Wavelet - Very promising 1, BOB Baby, BEST IN SHOW BABY 1 !!!

NUTI (Maxijane Dankin Donut for Wavelet) - Exc.1, CAC, CC, BOS, Club winner-21 --- new SLOVAK CHAMPION !!!

MUFFI (MUffin De Valneboeiro) - Exc.1, BEST IN SHOW 2 Honour class :-)



Club show KCHLS Kolín, 10.07.2021

Judges: BOB Darina Mervová,CZ   BIS: Jana Janeková,SK 

Ocean Wind Wavelet (Suzie) on her first show ever, in the baby class got Very promising 1/2 and in the finals she got BEST IN SHOW BABY 2. Big congratulations to her owners :-)



4-DAYS show in nitra, 08-09-10-11.07.2021

Judges:  THUR - Mica Mladenovic,RS    FRI - Soňa Heldová,SK     SAT - Paula Heikkinen,FIN    SUN - Davor Javor,CRO

NO TE VAYAS Wavelet (junior class, registered for 4 days) - 4x CAJC, 4x JBOB, 1x BOB ----> new JCH. of Slovakia

KENNETH Wavelet (open class, registered for 4 days) - 3x Exc.1, 1x VG 1, 3x CAC, 2x res.CACIB, 1x CACIB, 1x BOB ----> new JCH. of Slovakia

BIS, GCH, CH. Key West Wavelet (champion class, registered for 2 days) - 2x Exc.1, 2x CAC, 2x CACIB, 2x BOB

BIS, WW, Mult.CH (veteran class, registered for 2 days)  - 2x Exc.1, 2x BOB veteran ---->  new Veteran champion of Slovakia

GCH, CH. Maxijane Dankin Donut for Wavelet (champion class, registered for 3 days) - 2x Exc.1, 1x VG 1, 2x CAC, 2x CACIB, 2x BOS

Thanks to all judges and owners of our puppies for lovely spent weekend! :-)




Medzinárodná výstava Brno, 26.06.2021

The judge: Jarmila Jindrichovská,CZ

Carlos (Mult.CH Key West Wavelet) - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

Tiago (Mult.CH Rayaragua Billabong) - Exc.1, BOB veterán

Nuti (Mult.CH Maxijane Dankin Donut for Wavelet) - Exc.1, CAC, res.CACIB



Kauanas, Litva 19-20.06.2021

Kiss of the Sun Wavelet won on Saturday Excellent 2/2 and on Sunday Excellent 1, CAC and BOS. Congratulations to her owner Giedre Vaitekunaité :-)



Thessaloniki CACIB Show, Greece 12-13.06.2021

 Carlos (Key West Wavelet) participated on the international dog show in Thessaloniki. On Saturday he won Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BEST IN GROUP 1 and also BEST IN SHOW 4 !!! Thanks to the team Zorines for excellent care and handling :-)



Westminster Dog show 2021 (New York, USA) 12.06.2021

GCH BISS BIS Emanuell Wavelet won also this year BEST OF BREED. Congratulations to the owner Janet Rahn and his handler Lexy Parisek.


National dog show Kaunas, LT  05-06.06.2021

Kiss of the Sun Wavelet aka KARLI participated on two days of show in Kaunas. First day she won Exc.1,CAC /2, and second day she won Excellent 2. Congratulatiosn to the family Vaitekunas! 


International Weekend Show in SKOPJE (MK) - 27.-28.02.2021

The last weekend in February, our male Carlos spent in sunny Macedonia. He was awarded 3x CAC, 2x CACIB, 2x BOB and 1x BOS, and he fulfilled conditions for CHAMPION OF MACEDONIA, GRANDCHAMPION OF MACEDONIA and BALKAN CHAMPION. We would like to say thank you, even in these hard covid-conditions, to the team Zorines, for taking care of Carlos and showing him to perfection...



News 2020


2x International show ČANJ,Montenegro 31.10-1.11.2020 

On this two-days show competed our dogs Carlos and Nuti, who became Champions and also Grandchampions of Montenegro. Thanks goes to Katarzyna and her team for taking great care of our dogs.. Carlos took 2x CAC, 2x CACIB, 2x BOB, and Nuti took 2x CAC, 2x CACIB, 2x BOS and together also won 1.BIS BEST PAIR on the show. 



National show Kaunas,LT 17-18.10.2020

On Saturday 17th in Kaunas participated Kiss of the Sun Wavelet (Karli), where she win Exc.1, CAC, BOB for the first time in open class from 6 SWDs :) Congratulations to her owner Giedre and family of Karli!!


Elgin kennel club,USA - 16-17.10.2020

BIS BISS GCH Emanuell Wavelet won 2xBOB, 1x BEST IN GROUP 2 and 1x BEST IN GROUP 4! Congratulations to her owner Janet Rahn and handler Tabatha Bettis!


International show Palanga, LT  26-27.09.2020 

On this show competed girl from our kennel - Kiss of the Sun Wavelet (Karli). Both days she won Exc.1, CAJC, JBOB, on Saturday she ended as BOS and Baltic Junior Winner 2020, on Sunday she won BOB. She also became new Juniorchampion of Lithuania! Congrats to her owners, family Vaitekuniene!!


National show Brno,CZ 12.09.2020

The judge: Zdenka Jílková,CZ - Sancho competed in intermedia class and won Exc.1, CAC, Czech Winner 2020, BOB. SANCHO ALSO BECAME NEW JUNIOCHAMPION OF CZ! Congratulations to owners of Sancho (family Najdeková)!



Dog shows in USA, 11.-12.09.2020 

BIS GCH BISS Emanuell Wavelet again won BEST IN GROUP 1 and BEST IN GROUP 2. He is still Number one Spanish Water Dog in USA. Congratulations to his handler and owner.



National show Olomouc,CZ - 05.09.2020 

The judge: Grzegorz Weron,PL - ERNESTO (Jonathan Wavelet) won Exc.1, CAC, BOS and National Winner of CZ 2020! Congratulations to his owner Hanuš Šparlinek (CZ) and thanks to Klára Kunová for perfect handling :-)


International show Bratislava, 22-23.08.2020 

The shows were held in the capital of Slovakia - Bratislava, where participated our offspring Kenneth Wavelet. On Saturday was our judge Mr. Robert Kanás, where Kenneth won Exc.1, CAJC, JBOB and on Sunday was our judge Mrs. Gabriela Ridarčíková, where he won Exc.1, CAJC, JBOB and BOB. Congratulations to Kenneth owners and thanks to Dominika Szászová for great handling!



Health testing: ECVO eye tests, 21.08.2020

We went for health tests with our four youngsters, and all of them are clear of hereditary eye diseases (ECVO and Goniodysplasia). Key West Wavelet (Carlos), Kenneth Wavelet, Hola Hermosa Wavelet and Maxijane Dunkin Donut (Nuti).  We are happy!


Kansas dog shows, USA - 17.08.2020

BIS BISS GCH CH Emanuell Wavelet participated on dog shows in Kansas, where he won all days BEST OF BREED and also he placed in group - BEST IN GROUP 3 and BEST IN GROUP 4. Congratulations to their owners Janet Rahn and Faith Ott, and to his handler Tabatha Buckley Bettis!


OUR NEW CHAMPION - Castaňo Wavelet, 05.08.2020

Congratulations to family Kliestik, as his dog CH. Castaňo Wavelet became new Club Champion.


Rovaniemi Group show, Finland  01.08.2020

There was a group show for 7. and 8.FCI group, where our offspring Winston (Lush Life Wavelet) for the first time in Junior class won Exc.1, CAC, CQ, BOB. Congratulations to his owners - Heidi, Sini a Sanna! 


International show Debrecen,HU 01.08.2020

On 01.08.2020 was the International show in Debrecen (Hungary). There was a CAC show in the morning, where our judge was Lokodi Csaba Zsolt (RO). Carlos (Key West Wavelet) won Exc.1, CAJC, BOB and JBOG2. In the afternoon was a CACIB show, where was our judge Korózs András,HU. Carlos won Exc.1, CAJC, BOB and became new Juniorchampion of Hungary. Ibiza Wavelet won Exc.1, CAC, CACIB and BOS and she also became International champion.



Club show of water and flushing dogs, 26.07.2020

Thanks to Mrs.judge Eva Felszéghyová,SK  for lovely show critiques of our dogs. Also thanks to all participants and families for helping and bringing all dogs to this show. Our results: BIS Best pair (Carlos + Nuti), BIS best breeding kennel (Frida, Carlos, Ibiza), BIS honour class (Muffin), Junior BISS 4 (Nuti). 

MAUI Wavelet: Very promising 1, BOB baby (owned by: family Neuman, Israel)

CARLOS - Key West Wavelet: Exc.1, CAJC, JCC, Club Junior Winner 2020 - stud dog, full teeth, 48cm

SANCHO - Toboso Del Majaceite: Exc.1, CAC, CC (owned by: family Najdeková)

CASTAŇO Wavelet: Exc.1, CAC, CC, Club Winner 2020 and new CLUB CHAMPION! (owned by: rodina Klieštiková)

TIAGO - Rayaragua Billabong: Exc.1, CAC, CC, BOS

NUTI - Maxijane Dunkin Donut for Wavelet: Exc.1, CAJC, JCC, JBOB, BOB, JBISS 4 - brood bitch, full teeth, 46cm

FRIDA - Hola Hermosa Wavelet: Výborná 1, CAC, CC, Club Winner 2020 - brood bitch, full teeth, 46 cm

IBIZA Wavelet: Exc.1, CAC, CC

MUFFIN De Valneboeiro: V1, BIS honour class



International show Nitra, 18-19.07.2020

SATURDAY (judge: Eva Felszeghyová):

Carlos (Key West Wavelet): CAJC, BOS   Nuti (M&J Dunkin Donut for Wavelet): CAJC, JBOB, BOB  Frida (Hola Hermosa Wavelet): V2, res.CAC, res.CACIB

SUNDAY (judge: Jozef Jursa):

Carlos (Key West Wavelet): CAJC, JBOB, BOS   Nuti (M&J Dunkin Donut for Wavelet): CAC, CACIB, BOB   Frida (Hola Hermosa Wavelet): V2, res.CAC



The season of examinations is successfully ended!

This year we would like to add some new dogs into our breeding programm. In Slovakia we have a bit difficult rules for fulfilling it, so the dog can be used for breeding. One of these rules or conditions is to pass the hip and elbow examination with A or B degree. Our young dogs all passed these hard examinations. We would like to say thank you to Frida´s and Kenneth owners for excellent care and healthy joints!

Maxijane Dunkin Donut for Wavelet (NUTI): HD A, ED 0  |  Hola Hermosa Wavelet (FRIDA): HD A, ED 0 

Key West Wavelet (CARLOS): HD A, ED 0 | Kenneth Wavelet: HD A, ED 0



Pápa international show, 22.06.2020

The first show after corona - international show in Pápa (Hungary). Our judge was Mr. Vilmos Kardos,HU and dogs got following titles: Nuti - Exc.1, CAJC, JBOB and BOB (she ended her Juniorchampion of Hungary title) and Carlos first time in Junior class got Exc.1,CAJC and BOS.


Kentuckiana Cluster Dog Shows, 12.03.2020

In Louisville, Kentucky is a big show where is also competing our Mr Moo - BIS BISS GCH Emanuell Wavelet. First day, on Thursday (12.03.2020) he won BOB and BEST IN GROUP 1 !!! Next day the shows were cancelled due to corona virus..



International show Vilnius,LT 07.03.2020

On this show participated Kiss of the Sun Wavelet and she won Very promising 1 and BOB puppy. Congratulations to family Vaitekunaite!!


Dog show in Florida,USA, 01.03.2020

In Florida was a dog show, where competed our BIS BISS GCH Emanuell Wavelet. Mr Moo won BOB and BEST IN GROUP 4. Congratulations to his owner Janet and handler Tabatha !! :-)


Vargarda dog show, Sweden 23.02.2020

In Sweden was held small dog show where our Lady Gaga Wavelet (Isa), with her owner Paula won the title Very promising 1 (from 3 females) and also BOB puppy. Later in the final ring she won BEST IN GROUP 2! Congratulations :-) !!!


Weekend in Budapest, 15-16.02.2020

Our Nuti participated on CACIB show in Budapest, where both days she won Exc1, CAJC, JBOB and BOB. On Saturday competed also Key Largo Wavelet, who last time in puppy class won BOB puppy. Congratulations to his owner :-)



Westminster Dog show, NY, USA - 09.02.2020

A the biggest show of dog champions in USA is considered Westminster Dog show. Our name was presented by two dogs - BIS, BISS, GCH Emanuell Wavelet, who won BOB but there was also star BISS, GCH Cambia Wavelet, who won BOS. Congratulations to whole DGS team for great winnings and presentation of this breed, we are extremely happy for your successes!



Tornio dog show in Finland, 08.02.2020

In finnish town Tornio was held all breed show, where participated Winston (Lush Life Wavelet) and on his first show ever he got BOB puppy. Congratulations to owners Heidi Kurki, Sini Kursu and Sanna Ruuska!!


Double CACIB Brno, 01-02.02.2020

The first weekend in February we spent on International show in Brno. On Saturday our judge was Mrs. Carina Ostman from Sweden. In junior class participated our two males Toboso Del Majaceite got Exc.1, CAJC, BOS and Ernesto Wavelet got Excellent 2. In females junior class: Maxijane Dunkin Donut for Wavelet got Exc.1, CAJC, JBOB and BOB. In intermedia class Ibiza Wavelet got Exc.1, CAC, CACIB and in the champion class Delicatessa Wavelet got Exc.1, CAC, res.CACIB. :-)

On Sundy Toboso del Majaceite - Exc.1,CAJC,JBOB and BOB. Maxijane Dunkin Donut for Wavelet - Exc.1, CAJC, Ibiza Wavelet got Very Good a Delicatessa Wavelet got Exc.1, CAC, CACIB and BOS. Thank you to our judge Mrs. Linda Voláriková (SK). We are very happy and proud of our dogs!


International show Nitra, 25.01.2020

Nuti in junior class won Exc.1, CAJC, JBOB and BOB. Ibiza in intermedia class won Exc.1, CAC and CACIB and she became a new Champion of Slovakia. Thank you to judge Krzystof Czechowsky from Poland!



First Show in the year 2020 - Brno,CZ - 11.01.2020

The honorable judge: Mrs.Zdenka Jílková,CZ - Maxijane Dunkin Donut for Wavelet won in Junior class Exc.1,CAJC,BOJ and she opened her Juniorchampionship in CZ.  Ch.Ibiza Wavelet in intermedia class won Exc.1, CAC, BOS and National Winner of CZ and she is closer again to end her championship in CZ :-)




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