News 2019


Show in SK,DE,FIN 18-19.05.2019

On Saturday we had Club show for Waterdogs and flushing dog in Slovakia. The judge was Mr. Herbert Klemann from Germany. Sancho (Toboso Wavelet) got Very Promising 1/2, BOB baby in baby class. Castaňo Wavelet  in champion class (own: family Klieštik) got Exc.1,CAC,BOS and Club Winner 2019. Ibiza Wavelet competed with her sister Isabella in same class. She got Exc.1,CAJC,JBOB,BOB, Club Junior Winner 2019 and also BISS Junior 3 !!! Isabella (own: Veronika Hudáková) got Very good 2, because of short coat and no show condition. We believe in better results on next shows. In the end Muffin De Valneboeiro in champion class got Exc.1,CAC and Club Winner 2019 - with small Anna (Castaňo´s owner) participated in Child and dog competition where they took 1st place :D. 

In Germany was a big show in Dortmund, where were both our german girls Havana and Joy Wavelet with their owner Marion Pawlak (DE). On Friday Joy got Very promising 1, Havana got Exc.2/3, res.CAC and res.CACIB.  On Sunday Joy again got Very promising 1 and Havana was Very good 3/3 :D  Such an interesting results from both days! 

On Saturday was show Finland, where Guerrero Wavelet (Rico) got Very Good 1, but with great critique. The judge was our slovak lady - Jana Janek :-)



National show in Yaroslav,Ru and Zalaegerszeg,HU 11-12.05.2019

 On Saturday 11.05.2019 ocurred a historical moment for our breed in Russia, where female from our kennel - Mult.Ch, JWW-16 Candella Wavelet (owner: Maxim and Jane Kukshenev), got the title BEST IN SHOW! It was for the first time in the history of russian dog shows, where best in show title got Spanish Water Dog. Huge congratulations!! We are extremely proud :-) 

On Sunday we participated on National dog show in Zalaegerszeg,HU and the judge was Dr.Balogh Zsuzsana. Sancho got Very promising 1 and also became BABY CHAMPION OF HUNGARY. Ibiza Wavelet got Exc.1,CAC,JBOB and BOB, but she also was successful in the BIS ring and she ended as JBIG FCI 8 and in the end she went to BEST IN GROUP 3 from FCI 8. Ibi also ended her 3rd championship, she became JUNIORCHAMPION of HUNGARY. Thanks to all judges for appreciating of quality on our dogs!



2x Medzinárodná výstava Lučenec, SK 04-05.04.2019

On Saturday was the judge Mr. Miroslav Stanovský (SK). Jimmy Choo in baby class got BOB baby. Ibiza Wavelet got Exc.1,CAJC,JBOB and BOB. On Sunday the judge was Ms. Ľudmila Fintorová (SK). Jimmy Choo again won baby class, Ibiza Exc.1, CAJC, JBOB and BOB again.  Thank you to both judges for lovely descriptions, congratulations to owner of Jimmy- Bára Holodňák, for lovely beginning of Jimmy´s show carrer!!



National show Zmajevo, SRB 27.04.2019

Ibiza Wavelet won Exc.1,CAJC,JBOB and became NEW SERBIAN JUNIORCHAMPION, Sancho -Toboso Del Majaceite- got Very Promising 1 and BOB baby and Muffin De Valneboeiro won Exc.1,CAC,BOB and became NEW CHAMPION OF SERBIA. The judge was Mr. Dragan Babic,SRB. 


International show Debrecen, HU 21.04.2019

Ibiza Wavelet won Exc.1,CAJC and JBOB, Sancho -Toboso Del Majaceite- won Very Promising 1 and BOB baby. The judge was Mr. Victor Lobakin (AZ).



CLub show Soponya, HU 13.04.2019

The judge was Mr.Szabó Szándor (HU). Sancho  won Very Promising 1, he showed beautifully and won also BEST IN SHOW Minor puppy 1 (the judge in finals was Mrs. Angela Copper from UK) :) Ibiza Wavelet was second in Junior class, Ferragamo Wavelet was Exc.1, BEST MALE and won CAC. Muffin De Valneboeiro won Exc.1,CAC, Club Winner 2019 and BOB. We are very proud of our dogs and congratulations to owners of Domi (Ferragamo) :)



Lake Cluster dog show, USA  30.03.2019

Emanuell Wavelet and Cambia Wavelet participated on 3-day show, where Emo got BEST OF BREED everyday and 2x BEST IN GROUP 2, Maya every day got BOS and last day won BEST IN GROUP in Owner/handler. Congratulations to US team!



National show Salgotarján, Hungary 24.03.2019

We participated in this show with Ibiza Wavelet who took Exc.1,CAJC and JBOB and Muffin De Valneboeiro took CAC and BOB. The judge was Szabó Szándor (HU).


ECVO exam and new member of our kennel, 08.03.2019

On Friday 08.03. our dogs passed the ECVO examination :-) The results are more than great and we are very happy. Each dog got the certificate.  On Sunday 24.02.2019 came to our life new dog "Sancho", whole name Toboso Del Majaceite from Spain. Thanks to Marta and José for such a great puppy!


Crufts dog show Birmingham, 07.03.2019

The biggest show in UK - Crufts. Our offspring Duende Wavelet showed perfectly. Thank you to his owner Tracey Whitehead for presentation!


Health results of our "children", 06.03.2019

Fiesta Wavelet - HD A, ED 0 (congrats to family Orawska in Poland), Funky Wavelet - HD A, ED 0, PRA N/N (congrats to Tenna Grenaae from Denmark), Havana Wavelet - HD A, PRA N/N, ECVO clear (congrats to owner Marion Pawlak from Germany) and our Ibiza Wavelet - HD B, ED 0. We are happy!


Joensuu, Finland 02-03.03.2019

Gracie Wavelet was at the show in Joensuu, judge/Saturday: Zorica Blomqvist - result: Very good 4/5, judge/Sunday: Darko Drobnjak - Excellent 2/3, CQ. Congrats to Kirsi Tanskanen,FI


Victory show, Bratislava 23.02.2019

The judge: Eva Felszéghyová,SK - Ibiza Wavelet won Excellent 1,CAJC and Victory Junior Winner 2019, so she also became Juniorchampion of Slovakia. Tiago showed to perfection as always and he won získal Victory Winner 2019.


Westminster dog show, New York,USA 11.02.2019

In american Manhattan was the biggest dog show in year. Our kennel was presented by 3 dogs - Ch.USA Gianna Versace Wavelet was handled by me and she won the BOS title (BEST FEMALE) !!! GCh. Deseado Wavelet won Award of Merit males (3rd BEST DOG) handled by Nina Fetter. Mult.Ch. Emanuell Wavelet showed perfectly with Janet Rahn, however the judge Nikša Lemo from Croatia prefered curls instead of long coats and cords. We are very happy from these results!


national show Charleston,USA 26-27.01.2019

In american Charleston was a weekend show where our "child" Emanuell Wavelet won both days BOB and BEST IN GROUP 4 :-) Congratulations to his owner and handler Janet Rahn and family!


International show Nitra, 27.01.2019

The judge: Jana Janek (SK), Rayaragua Billabong - Exc.1, CAC and Muffin De Valneboeiro - Exc.1, CAC :-)





News 2018


Orlando circuit, Florida - USA, 11-16.12.2018

In american Orlando was the most important show of the year - AKC Royal Championship. Our pups did great job, thanks to whole DGS team (Janet Rahn, Faith Ott, Chelsy Lancaster and Nina Fetter). Results are under pics:

1st day - 11.12.2018 (judge: Carmen L. Battaglia,US)

GCh. DESEADO WAVELET - Best of breed


Ch. EYE OF THE TIGER WAVELET - showed well

2nd day - 12.12.2018 (judge: William E. Usherwood,US)

GCh. DESEADO WAVELET - Best of breed

GCh. EMANUELL WAVELET - showed well

Ch. EYE OF THE TIGER WAVELET - showed well


3rd day - 13.12.2018 (judge: Carol S. Brown,US)


GCh. DESEADO WAVELET - showed well

GCh. EMANUELL WAVELET - Best of breed

Ch. EYE OF THE TIGER WAVELET - showed well

4th day - 14.12.2018 (judge: Michael Folkner,US)


GCh. EMANUELL WAVELET - Best of breed

Ch. EYE OF THE TIGER WAVELET - showed well

5th day - 15.12.2018 (judge: ?,US)

- puppy show

6th day - 16.12.2018 (judge: ?,US)

GCh. DESEADO WAVELET - Best of breed


Ch. EYE OF THE TIGER WAVELET - Award of merit


2x International show Nitra, 8-9.12.2018

The last show of this year was in Nitra. On Saturday SWDs were judged by Mr. Otakar Vondrouš, where Aisi (I see Fire Wavelet) won CAJC and was in shortlist JUNIOR BIG. Ibiza Wavelet won CAJC and BOS and Tiago won CAC, CACIB and BOB. On Sunday Aisi won CAJC and BOB, Ibiza CAJC and BOS, Tiago CAC and CACIB. Tiago also ended the new SLOVAK SHOW CHAMPION TITLE! The judge was Mr. Alessandro Zeppi from Italy :-)



New litter "J" and Fiesta Wavelet, 10.11.2018

On Saturday 10.11.2018 was born our new litter "J", Muffin got 10 beautiful pups. There was also a big international show in Kielce, where Fiesta Wavelet got CAC and res.CACIB! Congratulations to owner Maria Orawska :-)



Another champion in our family, 28.10.2018

On the international dog show in Bratislava was not only I see Fire but also his sister Isabella Wavelet, who all three days won Very promising 1 with lovely critique so she fulfilled the condition for the Slovak puppy champion title! Big congrats to her owner Veronika Hudáková and family!


International show Bratislava, 26.10.2018

Absolutely very first show for I see Fire Wavelet who became a history for our kennel. Aisi won BEST IN SHOW PUPPY on International Dog Show in Bratislava!! Thanks to everybody who made our next dream came true :)


Hazelnut Wavelet was tested and he is fully healthly boy :-) 25.10.2018

Great new came from Norway, kennel Aquanders, where lives our boy Oso - Hazelnut Wavelet. Oso is PRA N/N, ECVO and Gonioscopy clear, CHG N/N, NAD N/N, DM N/N, and of course we are still waiting for HD and ED results. Congrats to owner Elisa Andersen!!


New Champion in our kennel, 23.10.2018

Ibiza Wavelet officialy became Slovak puppy champion :-)


National show Wilmington, USA 21.10.2018

GCh.Deseado Wavelet won again BEST IN HERDING GROUP and later he won BEST IN SHOW 2. Big congratulations to the whole american team !!


European dog show Warszaw,PL 11.10.2018

The judge: Zdenka Jílková (CZ).

Hazelnut Wavelet - exc.2/4, Rayaragua Billabong exc.2,res.CACIB /7, Ibiza Wavelet VN 2/4, Delicatessa Wavelet exc.3/4.


Speciality Gundog show Košice,SK 06.10.2018

The honorable judge: Vilmos Kardos (thanks for amazing judgement). Muffin - CAC, Winner of 2018, BOB,   Tiago - CAC, Winner of 2018, BOS,       Max - CAC    and  Ibiza - VP1, 2.BIS puppy and she became also Puppy champion of Slovakia :)


National dog show chorzów and shows in USA 02.09.2018

Our "children" GCh.Cambia Wavelet in american Raleigh (North Carolina) had very successful weekend! She was BOB all days and also BOG 4 and last day BOG 2. Thanks to handler Arvind de Braganca! GCh.Deseado Wavelet handled by Nina M.Fetter, he was all days BOB and also BOG 2!

On Saturday was dog show in Chorzów, Poland where our two girls Delicatessa Wavelet and Muffin De Valneboeiro both ended Polish championships.



International show Bratislava,SK 18.08.2018

Tiago (Rayaragua Billabong) got his 4th CAC, for title absolutely Slovak Show Champion (he still has to get two CACs more). Olivia Vom Hause Kristo in puppy class was on her first show ever where she got Very promising 1. Ibiza Wavelet was in class minor puppy where she got Very promising 1 too. Thanks to judge Otakar Vondrouš from CZ.


World Dog Show Amsterdam,NL  9-10-11.08.2018

Candella Wavelet from our C-litter was unique representat of our kennel at World Dog Show in Amsterdam. At BENELUX Winner 2018 show she won the OPEN BITCH class under judge Barbara Muller-CH, at Speciality for SWDs under slovak judge Vladimir Piskay she won OPEN BITCH class too and last day at WDS under Tatjana Urek from Slovenia she got "Excellent" without placement. Pretty good! Congratulations to her owner Maxim Kukshenev from Russia!


Club show Námešť na Hané,CZ  28.07.2018

The judge for Club show of water dogs was Zdenka Jílková from Czech Republic. Our Tiago won BOB and Club Winner 2018, Delicatessa CAC, Ibiza Very promising 1. We can mention that Tiagos daughter from Poland (Farfalla Bona Espero) won BOS and Club Winner 2018! Well done to all 9 Perros entered in this show! :-) PS: Tiago and Deli won 3rd Best pair in show!!!


First halfyear was very successful for Wavelets in USA, 18.07.2018

We would like to send congratulations and thank you to USA! All 4 Wavelets bred by us and showed/owned by Janet Rahn are now the most successful SWDs in USA. We are very happy and proud!! Thank you to all from team for making this possible!!


Veľká Ida International show, 08.07.2018

Delicatessa became a new Grandchampion of Slovakia, Tiago won BOB, Oso first time in junior class CAJC and JBOB and Ibiza on her first show got "Very promising 1" with lovely critique:) The judge was FCI 8 group specialist Mrs Felszéghyová.


Nitra International show, 10.06.2018

Under portuguese judge, breed specialist José Homem de Mello our Delicatessa Wavelet won BEST OF BREED and Crufts Qualification 2019, Tiago became BOS with CQ 2019 too and Hazelnut Wavelet became new PUPPY CHAMPION OF SLOVAKIA !!!


Show weekend in Finland, 30.05.2018

In Finland was a national show where participated Fortuna (picture 1-2) and Gracie Wavelet. Thanks to all owners :-)



Successful weekend for Wavelets, 21.05.2018

In Sweden there was an international dog show where Eternity Wavelet ended her title Champion of Sweden. Gch.Deseado Wavelet in Ohio, USA won first place in Herding group and Mult.CH. Emanuell Wavelet (picture 3) won third place in Herding group in Tennessee. On Saturday in Slovakia we had a club show for flushing and waterdogs, where Hazelnut Wavelet won BIS puppy 1, Ch.Delicatessa Wavelet won Club winner 2018 title and BOB!! and Rayaragua Billabong won Club winner 2018 and BOS!! Congratulations to all Wavelet kids :-)


International show Stara Pazova, Serbia 29.04.2018

Delicatessa Wavelet and Rayaragua Billabong became new Champion of Serbia, thanks to judge Marta Šipoš.



National show Perry, Georgia USA 15.04.2018

Emanuell Wavelet ended his championship in 2 weeks!! Congrats Janet Rahn!!


National dog show Bratislava,SK 18.02.2018

Hazelnut Wavelet won Very promising 1, Castaňo Wavelet won Exc.1,CAC and became New CHAMPION OF SLOVAKIA and Emanuell Wavelet in champion class won Exc.1,CAC,BOB and National Winner of Slovakia 2018. The judge: Gabriela Ridarčíková,SK.


International Dog Show, 17.02.2018

Ch. Emanuell Wavelet won in champion class Exc.1,CAC,CACIB,BOB! Thank you judge: Vig Orsolya,HU


Westminster dog show, New York, USA 12.02.2018

GCh.USA, Ch.US, Cambia Wavelet won the Select bitch!! Congrats to her owner Janet Rahn !!! Video from breed judging here:


Duo Cacib Nitra,SK 10-11.02.2018

Mult.Ch. Rayaragua Billabong both days won his class with Exc.1,CAC,CACIB,BOB and he ended the title Grandchampion of Slovakia! Emanuell Wavelet both days Exc.1,CAC, and first day also res.CACIB. Thanks to both judges for nice judgement!


Successes in v USA, our Wavelet kids 02.02.2018

GCh.USA, Ch.USA Deseado Wavelet  (white-brown) was multiple placed in group as BOG 1, BOG 3 and BOG 4. GCh.USA, Ch.USA Cambia Wavelet (white female) also won Herding group and both youngest Wavelet twins - Gianna and Gucci soon become Champions of USA! Congrats and thanks to owners Janet Rahn and Faith Ott, handler Nina Fetter and whole team!!!


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