About puppies from Wavelet kennel

- parents of our puppies are chosen and agreed by the commision of KCHPS (www.kchps.sk) - Slovak club of hunting spaniels and water dogs

- parents of our puppies are tested for hip dysplasia and elbow joints (HD a ED), PRA-prcd,CHG,NAD tested in Laboklin s.r.o. (www.laboklin.sk), they must have DNA-profile by Genomia (www.genomia.cz), they must have complete dentition and correct bite by FCI standart, they should be of typical exterior with good character

- our puppies are properly socialized, they are living with us in the house

- our puppies are registered in SPKP (www.skj.sk) - we do not sell puppies without FCI pedigree!

- our puppies are under regular vet-check, vaccinated, microchiped, and registered in the Slovak Central register of domestic animals (www.crzs.sk), they are anti-parasited from 2 weeks of age

- we are in regular contact with new owners

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