We are waiting two NEW litters in the end of June 2019!!

... CONFIRMED BY ULTRASOUND Deli and Muffin too !!! ...

Litter "K" and litter "L" should arrive in the end of June. Both combinations of parents have great show results, genetic health tests, great characters and excellent exterior. In the case of interest, please contact us by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (FOR MORE INFORMATIONS ABOUT PARENTS CLICK ON PHOTOS BELOW):




About puppies from Wavelet kennel

- parents of our puppies are choosen and agreed by the commision of KCHPS (www.kchps.sk) - Slovak club of hunting spaniels and water dogs

- parents of our puppies are tested for hip dysplasia and elbow joints (HD a ED), progressive atrophy of retina (PRA-prcd) and patella luxation, they must have complet bite (scissors or pincer), must be of typical exterior with good character

- our puppies are properly socialized, they are living with us until the time of collection

- our puppies are registered in SPKP (www.skj.sk) - we do not sell puppies without FCI pedigree!

- our puppies are under the regular vet-check, vaccinated, microchiped, and registered in the Slovak Central register of domestic animals (www.crzs.sk), anti-parasited from 2 weeks of age

- we sell puppies with PURCHASE AGREEMENT

- we are in regular contact with new owners

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