About puppies from Wavelet kennel

We plan a new litter from our female Ibiza Wavelet during winter 2021. More info coming soon.


We breed max. 2 litters per the year. We are not puppy farmers, our goal is to breed high quality and standard puppies, with excellent pedigrees, temperament and health. The parents are chosen and agreed by commission in Slovak club for water dogs, where the Spanish Water Dog belongs to: KCHPS (www.kchps.sk). Each parent has to attend shows, must pass the breeding test (measure of height and the control of teeth), and also must be tested for several diseases in this beautiful breed. Our goal is to breed quality and healthy puppies, therefore we take our dogs for all possible tests like: hips and elbow dysplasia (HD a ED) by official FCI Slovak veterinarian, genetic health tests for PRA-prcd, CHG, NAD, Brachyuria in the official laboratory, including also DNA-profiles - Laboklin (www.laboklin.sk), they must have all teeth, with standard bite, must be typical exterior and correct temperament (not shy, not afraid, not aggressive). All our puppies are registered in the Slovak kennel club stud book SPKP (www.skj.sk), it means, that we do not sell puppies without official PEDIGREE. The price of the puppy is adequate to all these criteria.

The puppies are born in our bedroom, and they are raised properly by us. After 3 weeks of age they are moved to the kitchen, where they can hear different sounds and their socialization is starting. We feed them with quality dog food FARMINA MO CIBAU PUPPY FISH and RICE, but we also cook to our dogs, venison meat with rice.

The puppies are till the time of collection under regular vet check, and also they are registered in Slovak central veterinary system (www.crzs.sk), they will move to their new families properly socialized, vaccinated, with antiparasit tablets given every two weeks, and they will get also purchase contract and pedigree. After moving to new families, we are still in the contact with owners.


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