News 2022


Dog show in Bosna and Hercegovina - Sarajevo Winners Show, 17-18.12.2022

 Rumba Wavelet won 4x CAJC, 4x JUNIOR BOB, Sarajevo Junior Winner 2022 and she became JUNIOR CHAMPION of BIH.

Penelope Wavelet won 4x CAC, res.CACIB, CACIB, BOB and she became CHAMPION of BIH.

Maxijane Dankin Donut for Wavelet won 4x CAC, res.CACIB, CACIB, 3x BOB and she also became GCH. and Champion of BIH. Nuti took BEST IN GROUP 1 and also BEST IN GROUP 2. Thanks to all judges for appreciating our dogs!



Dog show Australia and USA - 17.12.2022 

 Indiana Jones Wavelet again competed at dog show in Australia where he was RUNNER UP BOB. Congratulations to the owner Millisa Fox.

Kendall Wavelet participated on ORLANDO AKC CHAMPIONSHIP, where the first day he took 5 POINTS MAJOR (obligatory for AKC - USA Champion title). Congratulations to Nickis owners Noreena Seery and Catherine Woodliffe from Canada.


Dog show Australia and Germany - CACIB Kassel,DE 10-11.12.2022

Indiana Jones Wavelet (ALBERT) participated on dog show - 11.12.2022 Parramatta (Australia) where he won BEST OF BREED and he was also shortlisted in the group. Big congratulations to his owner Millisa Fox !

Saturday:  judge - Peter King (Australia).  Rosa Wavelet in puppy class got Very promising 1. JCH.LUX Philippa Wavelet won 1st place out of 4 in open class, CAC, CACIB and BEST OF BREED out of 12 entered Spanish Water dogs.

Sunday:  judge - Christine Rossier (Switzerland). Rosa Wavelet for the last time in puppy class won Very promising 1. JCH.LUX Philippa Wavelet again won the open class out of 4, then CAC, CACIB and BEST OF BREED out of 9 entered dogs. Big congratulations to their owner Anna Lena Doll (DE)!



Dog shows in CZ, UK and Australia - december 2022

RAFAEL Wavelet participated on National show in Brno (CZ) judged by Miloš Kašpar (CZ). Rafa won Very promising 1. Congratulations to his owner Dorota Klimešová!

SAN LORENZO Wavelet is regularly shown in UK, where until this date obtained next placements: 1st Junior - 7x 2nd Junior - 3rd Puppy - 3rd Junior. Congratulations to his owner Rachel Cappile !

INDIANA JONES Wavelet participated on show weekend in Australia, and he is again closer to his Championship. Congrats to his owner Millisa Fox !



Winning in Australia and croatia, 20.11.2022

Indiana Jones Wavelet (ALBERT) took both days BEST OF OPPOSITE with his owner Millissa Fox. He has got 12 points towards his Australian championship. Congratulations!

JCH. Pina for Canina Aqua Wavelet (PINA) took Best of Breed and BEST IN GROUP 1 with her owner/handler Marta Mrduljaš at CAC show in Grude (Croatia). Big congratulations!!



2x CACIB Karlsruhe, 12-13.11.2022 

JCH. Philippa Wavelet won the first day Exc.1, res.CAC, res.CACIB and Rosa Wavelet won Very promising 1.

The second day Philippa Wavelet won Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and Rosa Wavelet won Very promising 1.

Philippa after gaining last 4th CACIB title became "VDH WINNER OF THE YEAR". Huge congratulations to the owner for her hard work - Anna-Lena Doll !!!



Regional show (CZ),  IDS Leuven (BE),  IDS Istanbul (TUR) - 28-29-30.2022

This weekend was not successful only for our own dogs, but also for our offsprings. The results of our dogs from CACIB Bratislava are little below in next "post". 


Rafael Wavelet (RAFA) on his first show won Very Promising 1 and he was perfectly handled by his owner Dorotka Klimešová (huge congrats)!


San Tiago Mendes Wavelet (MENDES) on his first official show won Very Promising 1, BOB Puppy and BEST IN SHOW PUPPY 1  !!!!   Huge congratulations to his owner Cindy Lambergts (kennel My Big Dream) !


Mult.CH Ocean Wind Wavelet (SUZIE) participated with her owner Klára Zelenková on International dog show in Istanbul. Suzie became TURKISH CHAMPION and she won also BEST IN GROUP 2. She is probably the first SWD in the world with this title "Turkish champion".



CACIB Bratislava, 28-29.10.2022

Honorable judges:  FRI - Jozef Jursa,SK          SAT - Gabriela Ridarčíková,SK          SUN - Stefan Sinko,CRO

SAN SALVADOR Wavelet (FRI):         Very promising 1

PERKIN Wavelet (FRI, SAT):               both days Excellent 1, CAC, res.CACIB = CACIB   = new SLOVAK JUNIORCHAMPION (our bred by CHAMPION nr.36) !

NO TE VAYAS Wavelet (FRI, SAT):     both days Excellent 1, CAC

KILIMANJARO Del Majaceite (FRI, SAT):  both days Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

RUMBA Wavelet (FRI, SAT):             both days Excellent 1  =   new SLOVAK PUPPY CHAMPION  (our bred by CHAMPION nr.37) !

QUÉ PASADA Wavelet:                      FRI: Very good 1,   SAT:  Excellent 1, CAJC, JBOB   SUN:  Excellent 1, CAJC, JBOB

PENELOPE Wavelet (FRI, SAT):        both days Excellent 1, CAC, res.CACIB = CACIB,   on Saturday also BOS




Dog show australia, 22-23.10.2022

Indiana Jones Wavelet won 2x Best Of Breed. Congratulations to the owner Millisa Fox.



CACIB Dortmund, DE - 14-15.10.2022

Rosa Wavelet (puppy class) won both day Very Promising 1 out of 2 and both days BEST PUPPY.

JCH.LUX Philippa Wavelet (intermedia class) won both days Exc.1, CAC, CACIB and on Friday also BOB and BEST IN GROUP 2.

Huge congratulations to the owner Anna-Lena Doll (DE) !!!



CAC Gliwice, PL - 08-09.10.2022

SAT:       Key West Wavelet won Exc.1, CAC, BOB     Toboso Del Majaceite won Exc.1, CAC     and   Penelope Wavelet won Exc.1, CAC

SUN:  Key West Wavelet won Exc.1, CAC, BOB     Toboso Del Majaceite won Exc.1, CAC   :-) !!!

(In the photo: Luky with Penelope, Timejka with Taco, Anetka with Rumba, Filip with Sancho and Naty with Carlos).



CACIB Bačka Topola, SRB - 02.10.2022

Maxijane Dankin Donut for Wavelet (CIB, Mult.CH) won Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and became new Serbian Champion. The honorable judge: Joao Vasco (PT).



Dog show Šiauliu, LT - 01.10.2022

Popeye Wavelet (Meskal) won Exc.1/2, CAJC, JBOB and became new Juniorchampion of Lithuania. It is our bred by CH. nr. 35. !!! This year is really amazing, regarding successes of our offsprings. Thanks to the owner Kristina Dambrauskiene for great care of Meskal!


Speciality show kosice (SK) and Kolin (CZ) - 24.09.2022 


Last weekend there were 2 very important shows held in Slovakia and Czech Republic. Both on Saturday 24th Sep. In Kosice were entered 6 SWDs, in Kolín 13 SWDs. Of course, we had Wavelet participants on both of these shows. I will start with results from Kolín. Honorable judges: Mrs.Catherine Kelly (UK) - BOB, Mrs. Darina Mervová (CZ) - BIS Puppy, and Mrs. Anne Buvik (NO) - BIS.

QUE TAL QUINN WAVELET (Quin) - at his very first show - grading EXCELLENT 1 (without title). Congratulations to his owners Mr.Zobal and Mrs.Burgetová (CZ) !

MULT.PUP.CH  RONETTE WAVELET (Naty) - Very promising 1 and BEST IN SHOW 1 PUPPY !!!!! Owned by Klára Zelenková.

MULT.CH  OCEAN WIND WAVELET  (Suzie) - Excellent 1, CAC, CLUB WINNER 2022, BEST OF BREED out of 13 SWDs and RES. BEST IN SHOW !!!! Huge congratulations to Suzie and Naty owner Klára Zelenková for her care, proper socialization, shiw handling and love which she devoted to both girls. 


We took 5 dogs to Kosice. The honorable judge was Mrs. Orsolya Víg from Hungary and the show was in a very friendly atmosphere.

PERKIN WAVELET - Excellent 1, CAJC, CCJ and the Speciality Winner Junior 2022 - huge congratulations to his owner Peter Jirsák. Perkin also became a stud dog - height 49cm, all teeth, scissors bite !!!

MULT.CH   KILIMANJARO DEL MAJACEITE - our guest from Spain - won Exc.1, CAC, CC, BOS and Speciality Winner 2022.

RUMBA WAVELET - at her very first show ever - Very promising 1, BOB Puppy and in the end won BEST IN SHOW 1 PUPPY !!!

PWW-21, JWW-20, MULT.JCH  PENELOPE WAVELET - Excellent 1, CAJC, CCJ, JBOB, Speciality Junior Winner 2022 and also became a breeding female !!!

C.I.B MULT.CH  Maxijane Dankin Donut for Wavelet - Excellent 1, CAC, CC, BOB, Speciality Winner 2022 and.... BEST IN SHOW 1 !!!!!



dog show Belgium - 17.09.2022

San Tiago Mendes Wavelet won Very promising 1 and BEST IN SHOW PUPPY !!!
Huge congratulations to the owner Cindy Lambregts. 


Interational dog show Klatovy, CZ - 17.09.2022

Mult.CH. Suzie (Ocean Wind Wavelet) won Exc.1, CAC, res.CACIB. Mult.Pup CH Natty (Ronette Wavelet) won Very promising 1 and in the final competitions won BEST IN SHOW PUPPY 3. Congratulations to her owner Klára Zelenková!!


Krajowa wystawa psow Rybnik,PL - 17.09.2022

Our Nuti won Exc.1, CAC, BOB and her daughter Penelope won Exc.1, CAC. Thanks to the honorable judge Marek Tobiasz.


NDS Kaštela, CRO - 10.09.2022 

Pina for Canina Aqua Wavelet won Exc.1, CAC, BOB, BEST IN GROUP 3. She was handled by Damir Botica - member of the team Canina Aqua.

She became new JUNIORCHAMPION OF CROATIA !!!!  aaand also CHAMPION NUMBER 34 bred by us !!!

Huge congratulations we send to Split, to the owner of Pina - Marta Mrduljas, owner of Gullit - Mirna Ganibegovic (Pina´s father) and whole your team :-)


IDS Lendava, SLO - 10.09.2022

Judge: Anna Brankovic,RS

CH.ES-PL-HU-RS Kilimanjaro Del Majaceite won Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and became SLOVENIAN CHAMPION. 

JWW, JCH.ES-SK-CZ-HU-PL-RS Penelope Wavelet won Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOS and opened her Interchampion.



Winning in Canada, 04-05.09.2022

Kendall Wavelet became CANADIAN CHAMPION !!! He is our Champion number 33 with the "surname" Wavelet :-)

Kendall Wavelet won in Canada both days BEST of BREED and also he placed in group - BIG 2 and BIG 3. Congratulations to his owner/handler Noreena Seery.



CACIB Luxembourg,LUX - 03.09.2022

Rosa Wavelet on her first show ever got Very promising 1 and BOB Puppy. Philippa Wavelet won Exc.1, CAC, CACIB and BOB. Congratulations to their owner Anna-Lena Doll.



CACIB Bratislava,SK - 02.09.2022

Judge: Marian Draganescu (RO) - Perkin Wavelet won Exc.1, CAJC, JBOB, BOB. Congratulations to his owner P.Jirsák!



NSW Spring Fair,AUS 26-27-28.08.2022

 BIS GCH Deseado Wavelet took 1x CACIB and BOB, 2x Best male and so he closed his ............ AUSTRALIAN CHAMPIONSHIP .........

Huge congratulations to his owners Millissa and Alexandra Fox.


CACIB Ludwigshafen,DE - 27.08.2022

JCH.LUX  Philippa Wavelet  took from intermedia class  Exc.1, CAC, CACIB and BOB. Congratulations to owner Anna-Lena Doll (DE).


CACIB Covasna, Romania - 20-21.08.2022

PRISCILLA Wavelet won 3x CAC, 2x CACIB, 3x BOB and became new Champion of ROMANIA.

In the finals she has won 2x BEST IN GROUP 1    and   BEST IN SHOW 3.  Congratulations to her owners!



show weekend in Finland, sweden, cz and australia, 14.08.2022

 LUSH LIFE Wavelet (Winston) won 2x CQ, CAC, 1x BOB and 1x BOS. He became new FINNISH CHAMPION. Big congratulations we send to Finland. He is our first Finnish Champion and also Champion nr. 32 bred by us. We simply cannot believe it. This is simply a huge international teamwork between many  breeders and amazing people who are willing to co-work with goal to preserve this wonderful breed. 

LADY GAGA Wavelet (Isa) in Sweden won her first CAC, with CQ and BOB. Huge congratulations we send to Sweden.

 DESEADO Wavelet won this weekend 2x BOB and so he needs last 4 points to became Australian Champion.

RONETTE Wavelet at Regional dog show in Czech Republic won Very promising 1 and OCEAN WIND Wavelet won the REGIONAL WINNER of CZ.



ECVO + Gonio examination in Trnava, 09.08.2022

Our dogs have passed the examination for hereditary eye diseases with the following results:

KENNETH Wavelet - all clear - negative

NO TE VAYAS Wavelet - all clear - negative

PENELOPE Wavelet - all clear - negative

RUMBA Wavelet - all clear - negative

KILIMANJARO Del Majaceite - all clear - negative


Dog show in Australia, 7.8.2022

Deseado Wavelet won 6x BEST OF BREED and 1x BEST IN GROUP OPEN. Congratulations to his owner Miillisa Fox in Australia.

Deseado is just a step away from his Australian Championship.


Balkan Tour with Natty and Suzie, 06.08.2022

JCH.CZ Ocean Wind Wavelet aka "SUZIE" and BCH.HU Ronette Wavelet "NATTY" participated at several shows in Balkan countries. 



 The cherry on the cake were wins of Natty, she won RES.BEST IN SHOW in Montenegro show and Serbian show and Suzie took 2x CACIB ! Huge congratulations to the owner Klara Zelenkova, for her excellent job with the girls, hard work and always great presentation :-)



health results of our dogs - 5.8.2022

In last days some of our dogs went on health examinations and they obtained these results:

KILIMANJARO Del Majaceite _ HD A/B, ED 0/0    - our guest from Spain

MALIBU Wavelet __________ HD A/A, ED 0/0    - owner: T. Whitehead, UK

NIEBLA DEL MAR Wavelet ___ HD A/A, ED 0/0    - owner: R. Capille, UK

OFF HE GOES Wavelet ______ HD A/A, ED 0/0    - owner: P. Radecki, POLAND

PERKIN Wavelet ___________ HD A/A, ED 0/0    - owner: P.Jirsák, SLOVAKIA

PHILIPPA Wavelet _________ HD A/A, ED 0/0     - owner: A.-L. Doll, GERMANY

PRISCILLA Wavelet ________  HD A/A, ED 0/0    - owner: Csanád Denk, Judit Beke, Csaba Denk, HUNGARY

OCEAN WIND Wavelet  ____  eo-PRA N/N, PRA-prcd N/N, CHG N/N, NAD N/N, DM N/N, Brachyury N/N  - owner: K.Zelenková, CZECH REPUBLIC

RONETTE Wavelet ________  eo-PRA N/N, PRA-prcd N/N, CHG N/N, NAD N/N, DM N/N, Brachyury N/ST  - owner: K.Zelenková, CZECH REPUBLIC


Congratulations to all owners for these amazing health results and cheers for GOOD SWD BREEDING :-)


Nordic show Ransater, Sweden  31.07.2022

Lady Gaga Wavelet won Excellent, RES.CAC, RES.CAC NORDIC. Congratulations to the owner Paula Flenmark (SWE).


Nordic show, FIN  16.07.2022

Lush Life Wavelet won Exc.1, CQ, CAC, BEST OF BREED. Huge congratulations to the owners Sini Kursu and Heidi Kurki.


CACIB show Offenburg, DE  16.07.2022

Judge: Wilfried Peper (DE)

We are very thankful for the Philippa´s results because from all entered dogs only 2 got the grading and as bonus, the title. Other dogs were not judged or disqualified.

PHILIPPA Wavelet - Exc.1, CAJC, JUNIOR BEST OF BREED and Alpensieger 2022. Congratulations and thank you to owners Anna-Lena and Jelto!


CACIB Show Sarvár, HU  15-16-17.07.2022

Judges:   FRI - Vilmos Kardos (HU),   SAT - Jasna Matejcic (CRO),   SUN -  Zoran Brankovic (RS)

RONETTE Wavelet:      FRI - Very promising 1      SAT -  Very promising 1, BOB Minor Puppy          SUN - Very promising 1, new BABY Champion Hungary

OCEAN WIND Wavelet:   FRI  -  Excellent 1, CAC, res.CACIB        SAT - Very good 1       SUN - Excellent 1, CAC, res.CACIB


National dog show Nowy Targ, 09.07.2022

CH. Kilimanjaro Del Majaceite (ES) - Exc.1, CAC, BOB, BEST IN GROUP 3 !!!

JWW-20, MULT.JCH Penelope Wavelet - Exc.1, CAJC, BOS and she ended also POLISH JUNIORCHAMPIONSHIP !!!

C.I.B-MULT.CH Maxijane Dankin Donut for Wavelet - Exc.1, CAC, Best female.



National SWD Speciality, 09.07.2022

 Kendall Wavelet took Winners and started his Championship in USA. Big congratulations to his owner+handler Noreeny Seery (in photo).

BISS BIS GCH Emanuel Wavelet took Award of Merit. Congratulations to the owner Janet Rahn and handler Kadence Lancaster!


National dog show Klatovy, 02.07.2022

JCH. Ocean Wind Wavelet won Exc.1, CAC, National Winner and BOS. Congratulations to the owner Klára Zelenková!


WORLD DOG SHOW MADRID, ES - 23,24,25.06.2022

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DREAMS CAME TRUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  Kilimanjaro Del Majaceite Rayaragua Billabong Ibiza Wavelet Penelope Wavelet Muffin De Valneboeiro 

23.06.2022 - RSCE WINNER CACIB Show

judge: María José Haro Kay (ES)



CH. ES !!!

Exc.1, CCV,



Exc.1, CCJ,

JCH.ES !!! 

Exc.2, RCCV 

24.06.2022 - CAC SPECIALITY Show

judge: Manuel Angulo Morales (ES)


Exc.3 Exc.2, RCCV Exc.5 Exc.1, CCJ, BEST JUNIOR  Exc.1, CCV 

25.06.2022 - WORLD DOG SHOW 2022

females - José Manuel López-Sidro Ibaňez

males - Antonio Garcia Perez

Exc.5 Exc.4 Exc.6

Exc.1, CCJ






25.06.2022 - International dog show Brno,CZ

JCH. Ocean Wind Wavelet won Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB - Congratulations to her owner Klára Zelenková (CZ).



10-12.06.2022 - International dog show Nitra

Judges:   FRI - Bojan Matakovic (CRO),   SAT - Radim Kašpar (CZ),   SUN - Ann Ingram (IE)

Muffin De Valneboeiro - 3x VETERAN BOB, 2x BOB and 1x BOS - she became new VETERAN CHAMPION :-)


28-29.05.2022 - Club dog show Námešť na hané,CZ

SATURDAY - the honorable judge: Mark Boswell, UK - number of registered SWDs: 7

JONATHAN WAVELET (Ernesto) - Exc.1, CAC, CLUB WINNER 2022, BOB - Congratulations to his owner/handler Hanuš Šparlinek (CZ) !


Congratulations to her owner/handler Klára Zelenková (CZ) !

SUNDAY - the honorable judge: Peter Berchtold, AT - number of registered SWDs: 5

OCEAN WIND WAVELET (Suzie) -  Exc.1, CAC, Winner of Hané, BOS 


21-22.05.2022 - dog shows in CZ and Lithuania

International dog show Litoměrice (CZ) , judge: František Korda,CZ

OCEAN WIND Wavelet - Exc.1, CAJC, BOS - Congratulations to owner Klára Zelenková.


National dog show Birštonas (Litva) - POPEYE Wavelet - Congratulations to owner Kristina Dambrauskiene.

Saturday results: Exc.1, CAJC, JBOB, BOB

Sunday results: Exc.1, CAJC, BOS


20.05.2022 - dog shows CRO, SRB, USA

On the last weekend there were several dog shows in middle Europe and USA.

 - SERBIA (judge Slobodan Nasteski,MK):

Taco (Kilimanjaro Del Majaceite) - Exc.1, CAC and NEW SERBIAN CH.

Penelope Wavelet - Exc.1, CAJC, JBOB, BOB and NEW SERBIAN JCH

Ibiza Wavelet - Exc.1, CAC and NEW SERBIAN CH.

- CROATIA: PINA FOR CANINA AQUA Wavelet - 2x CAJC  ------ Congratulations to owner Marta Mrduljaš.   PINA PASSED ALSO HEALTH EXAM: HD A and ED 0

- USA: Emanuell Wavelet - he was placed in BEST IN GROUP 3 ---- Congratulations to owner Kadence Lancaster.



08.05.2022 - REGIONAL SHOW Staňkov,CZ

Judge: Kristina Vaničková,CZ

OCEAN WIND Wavelet (Suzie) - won Excellent 1, Winner of Junior class and in the end JUNIOR BEST IN SHOW 1.

Congratulations to owner Klára Zelenková!! :)


07.05.2022 - National dog show Krosno,PL

Judge: Magdalena Swieton /PL/



23.04.2022 - European dog show Paris, FR

Honorable judge: Yannick Musserau,FR




18.04.2022 - The show weekend - HU, LUX, UK, USA 

In English twon Edwinstowe there was an Open show where our offspring Rieka (I FEEL IT COMING Wavelet) showed well. Congratulations to his owners Rachel + Andrew Capille.

In American Perry (Georgia) Emanuell Wavelet with his young handler Kadence placed all days and they also won the BEST IN SHOW 1 OWNER-HANDLER. Huge congratulations!!!

In Luxembourg there was a double show, where competed our offspring Philippa Wavelet. The first day she won CAJC, JUNIOR BOB and in the end BEST OF BREED. The next day she got Very good 2. Philippa became on the first day also JUNIOR CHAMPION OF LUXEMBOURG. Congratulations to her owner Anna-Lena Doll (Germany).

And our home team was at the 4-day show in Hungarian Szilvasvárad. 

Penelope Wavelet got 2x CAJC, 2x JUNIOR BOB and 2x BOB. On Saturday she won the JUNIOR BEST IN GROUP 1 and BEST IN GROUP 4. She also became Hungarian Junior Champion.

KILIMANJARO DEL MAJACEITE - our Spanish guest - won all 3 days  CAC, CACIB and BOS and so he became HUNGARIAN CHAMPION !!!! 

Priscilla Wavelet was registered for Sunday and Monday, and she won the BEST OF BREED on Sunday + was shortlisted in JUNIOR BIS.



09.04.2022 - National dog show Brno (CZ)

The judge: Kristína Vaničková (CZ)

TACO (Kilimanjaro Del Majaceite): Exc.1, CAC, National Winner CZ 2022, BOB  and  Penelope Wavelet: Exc.1, CAJC, BOJ + became new JCH.CZ



02.04.2022 - Dog show Nitra (SK) and České Budejovice (CZ)

The judge in Nitra: Jozef Jursa (SK) 

Penelope Wavelet got Exc1, CAJC, JBOB and BOB and became also new Juniorchampion of Slovakia.

The judge in ČB: Petr Řehánek (CZ)

Ocean Wind Wavelet (Suzie) got Exc1, CAJC and JBOB. Congratulations to the owner Klára Zelenková! :)



27.03.2022 - CAC Salgotarján,HU

Judge: Szabó Sándor (HU)

KILIMANJARO Del Majaceite - Exc1, CAC, BOB,      PENELOPE Wavelet - Exc1, CAJC, JBOB, BOS


19-20.03.2022 - Jubilee Speciality show and club show Viničné,SK

Saturday (judge): BOB, JBIS, BIS MAURO MOSTARI (IT)    Sunday: BOB+BIS: Linda Voláriková (SK) , JBIS: Mauro Mostari (IT)

ORINOCO FLOW Wavelet (only SAT) ---- Exc.1, CAJC, Junior Winner of Speciality show 2022

PADDIE Wavelet (only SUN) ---- Good

NO TE VAYAS Wavelet (shown both days) ---- 2x Exc.1, CAC, CC, BOS, Winner of Speciality show 2022, Club Winner 2022

KENNETH Wavelet (shown both days) - 2x Exc.1, CAC, CC - new CLUB CHAMPION and NEW SLOVAK CHAMPION

PENELOPE Wavelet (shown both days) - 2x Exc.1, CAJC, JBOB, BOB, 2x JUNIOR BEST IN SHOW 1 !!!! and on Saturday also BEST IN SHOW 3

Thank you and big congratulations to all owners of our offspring. We are very proud of you all!




5.3.2022 - Jihočeská regional show,CZ

Suzie (Ocean Wind Wavelet) in the junior class got Excellent 1 and JUNIOR WINNER OF REGIONAL SHOW. Congratulations to her owner Klára Zelenková :-)


show dog 2021 - KCHPS

KCHPS - Slovak club for water dogs and flushing dogs (except Cockers) announced best show dogs for the year 2021.

CARLOS (Key West Wavelet) won the 1st place. He became not only the best Perro De Agua Espanol in Slovakia but also the best show dog of our club KCHPS in Slovakia for the year 2021, from all breeds.


17-19.02. International dog show Budapest 

Tuntun - Priscilla Wavelet - participated on 3-day show in Budapest. Congratulations to her owners!!!

Thursday 17.02. - judge: BOB+BOG Váczi-Balogh Zsuzsana (HU)   -   Exc.1/2, CAJC, JUNIOR BOB, BOB, BEST IN GROUP 4th.

Friday 18.02. - judge: BOB Roberto Schill (RO)  + JBIS: Róbert Kotlár (HU) -   Exc.1/2, CAJC, JUNIOR BOB, BOB, JBOG 8, JUNIOR BIS TOP 6

Saturday 19.02. - judge: BOB Erdosz Lászlo (HU) - Exc.1/2, CAJC, JBOB, BOB - in the finals she did not compete - NEW JUNIORCHAMPION OF HUNGARY



17.02.2022 - Health examinations 

In February the following offsprings had official hips and elbow examination:

PHILIPPA Wavelet (10 months old) - preliminary xray - HD A ; ED 0    ----  congratulations to the owner Anna-Lena Doll (GERMANY)

ONLY NANGA Wavelet (13 months old) - HD A, ED 0 ----- congratulations to the owner Michal Chwalik (POLAND)


12.02.2022 - International show Gliwice,PL 

Judge: Malgorzata Supronowicz,PL

Kilimanjaro Del Majaceite (intermedia class) - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB     and    Penelope Wavelet (junior class) - Exc.1 /2, CAJC, JBOB


05-06.02.2022 - DUO CACIB Brno,CZ 

Saturday - 05.02.2022 - judge BOB: Zdenka Jílková,CZ       judge BOG:  Judit Beke,HU

Kilimanjaro Del Majaceite - CAC, CACIB, BOB and BEST IN GROUP 4th in VIII. FCI   (owners: Marta a José Carlos, kennel Majaceite, ES)

Penelope Wavelet - CAJC, JBOB

Macarena Wavelet - V2, res. CAC   (owner: Hana Škrobová,CZ)


Sunday - 06.02.2022 - judge BOB:  Tamás Jakkel, HU

Kilimajaro Del Majaceite - CAC, CACIB, BOB   (owners: Marta a José Carlos, kennel Majaceite, ES)

Penelope Wavelet - CAJC, JBOB

Novela De Amor Wavelet - CAC, res. CACIB   (owner: Soňa Doudová)

Macarena Wavelet - VG 1  (owner: Hana Škrobová,CZ) 



25-31.01.2022 - Health hip and elbow examinations of our offsprings

In the end of January were officialy health checked for the hip and elbow dysplasia following offpsings:

1. NOVELA DE AMOR Wavelet ---- HD A, ED 0, OCD 0/0, Splondylosis (Neg.) - congratulations to her owners Sona and Marek (CZECH REPUBLIC)

2. ORINOCO FLOW Wavelet ----  HD A, ED 0 - congratulations to his owner Mária Chabrečková and family (SLOVAKIA)

3. OCEAN WIND Wavelet ----  HD A,  ED 0  - congratulations to his owner Klára Zelenková (CZECH REPUBLIC)  

4. PENELOPE Wavelet - pre-xrays for hips and elbows (9 months old) - HD A, ED 0 ♥ (she is in our kennel)


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