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We do not answer questions regarding the price only. The Spanish Water Dog is a breed, with the life span 12-18 years, therefore it is more than important consider buying a dog, before you contact us. When you are buying a dog with the pedigree, the price should "play" the last role after considering following facts: the puppy from official FCI kennel is with a verified origin, you can visit the enviroment, where puppy has grown up, puppies´ parents are health tested and typical for the breed standard, which a guarantee, that you buy a breed you really want and also that puppy will be the breed you wished to have. And last but not least, the breeder will be available to you forever.  Puppies without pedigree are NEVER purebred dogs, such purebred dogs are always accompanied by FCI pedigree. We do not sell puppies without pedigrees.


Puppies from our kennel go to new homes:

- regularly got worming antiparasitic medicine and tablets (Procox a Aniprantel)

- regularly vaccinated up to their current age (Nobivac)

- marked by microchip (international ISO chip)

- with international passport valid in all countries

- with FCI export pedigree exposed by Slovak kennel club valid in all FCI countries

- socialized, accostumed to people, raised in the home and clinically healthy

- registered in Slovak central veterinaty database of domestic animals

- with a sale contract 




- in dogs /males/ up to 15 weeks of age is necessary to REGULARLY control the testicles by veterinarian! Although the puppy is leaving our home with both testicles (in the case that puppy does not have testicle(s), we will WARN you) up to 15 weeks of age are still in movement and so can happen that testicle(s) may run back into the groin due to stressful situation, incorrect lifting of puppy, or simply because of growth. Please, do not underestimate this important thing. If testicle(s) stay in the belly, is more than certain that dog will have to go under castration, because in the higher age it usually progresses to cancer.

- in the case, that you do not plan shows and breeding, WE RECOMMEND the castration in males and sterilization in females, not sooner than 18 MONTHS OF AGE. Until this age, Spanish Water dogs are not adult physically, hormonally or mentally. In our breeding rules we also cannot breed dogs younger than 18 months of age. The female who does not have puppies during her life, usually gets uterine inflammation and in males happens testicular cancer very often. Please, follow this advice and not veterinarian one. Not all the veterinarians have experience with Spanish Water Dogs!

- check the anal glands regularly, if dog has them full, it usually get used to „sleddingť“, or will get skin or digestive issues (scratching, diarrhea, dandruff)

- check the lenght of nails regularly, usually is good to cut the nails once a month

- it is VERY IMPORTANT to take out the coat out of ears once a month – ear lubricant and a lot of thick hair could cause the infection

- in dogs with long coats is necessary to check regularly areas around the anus and genitals, possibly cut the coat around these areas

- NEVER CUT THE COAT AROUND EYES - this breed is used to have long coat in eyes and it is typically for it

- we recommend to buy a BRAVECTO tablet against TICK AND FLEAS in dogs from 6 months of age,  in puppies younger than 6 months we recommend ADVANTIX




Dog shows are not an obligation, if you get a puppy from us. We do not guarantee a show quality in our puppies, although a puppy has a show premise. In case that you want a (fe)male for shows and breeding, you can get a guarantee only in case when you are buying an adult dog. 

The parents of our future breedings are carefully selected by us and approved by commision of Slovak Club for Water Dogs, where is this breed registered. Parents of our puppies are obliged to complete two dog shows, bonitation (height meassurement and control of teeth) and they must be health tested for hip dysplasia, PRA-prcd and must have DNA profile. We try to breed a quality and health litters, therefore we test:

- hip and elbow dysplasia (HD and ED) by approved FCI Slovak veterinarian

- genetically recesive disseases such as eo-PRA, PRA-prcd, CHG, NAD, DM, brachyury in official approved laboratory LABOKLIN

- dogs registed in Slovakia must have issued a DNA-profil (verification of parents´ origin) in LABOKLIN

- dogs must have all teeth and correct bite


Although parents of our puppies are tested for HIPS and ELBOWS, breeders cannot guarantee the final results of dysplasia in adult dogs. HD and ED are tested not sooner than in 12 months of age (it means we do not guarantee the finals results of HD and ED in dogs for breeding), because it is a degenerative and polygenic disease developing DURING adolescence time of puppy (apart from testing parents, the breeder has no way to influence it), and so it also depends from the external influences, that affect the phenotype of the hip/elbow joint:

- HD and ED can be caused by improper food (bad nutrition, too much of protein, overfeeding, malnutrition)

- bad surface in the growing age of puppy (wooden floor, slippery surface, stairs, we recommend to buy carpets for the first 12 months)

- a lot of physical activities, long walks, jumping, accident/bump,  too much of running

- even after two  not affected parents by HD or ED there is no guarantee, that puppy will be also not affected, this disease is individual in EACH dog !

- we recommend buying a joint nutrition/supplement-  tablets FLEXADIN ADVANCED


We also do not guarantee the correctness of bite and the number of teeth after changing from milk teeth to adult. In case that puppy at the age of departure has a wrong bite, we will TELL you with the possibility of deciding on the purchase or withdraw from the purchase. The number of teeth and the correctness of bite the breeder cannot guarantee even in the case, that both parents have everything alright and complete number of teeth. 


In our puppies, we GUARANTEE the results of genetic disseases, which are performed by official laboratory LABOKLIN. Parents of our puppies are health tested for:

- eo-PRA (early blindness in dogs)

- PRA-prcd (retinal atrophy, blindness in dogs)

- CHG (congenital hypothyrodism in dogs - thyroid gland)

- NAD (neuroaxonal dystrophy in dogs - nervous system disorder)

- DM (degenerative myelopathy in dogs – movement disorder in dogs up to the stage of paralysis)

- stump tail (test will show us, if dog was born with natural short tail, long tail or its tail is docked (cut)

- the results of these tests are evaluated as A (negative), B (carrier) a C (affected). Puppies from our kennel won´t be AFFECTED (type C) on the mentioned hereditary diseases


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