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The love for the animals was always present in our family. The pure breed dogs with pedigree have been with us since 1994. Our first pedigree dog was "Akos" the Shar-Pei, typical example of the breed and co-founder of the Shar-Pei club in Slovakia. Later to our family has joined smaller breed Griffon Bruxellois - Petit Brabancon. With the help of this breed I have learned to be a dog handler, to show dogs, I was enjoying exhibition a lot and I felt in love with the Junior Handling competition in 2008. In this competition I regularly participated with an amazing male "Goldene Horde Adamante Eldorado, imported from  Germany" and we have reached following results: TOP JUNIOR HANDLER of Slovakia 2011, TOP JUNIOR HANDLER of Slovakia 2012 (representation of Slovakia on World Dog Show 2013 in Budapest).

Even before then I had started to achieve results appropriate for the representation of Slovakia, I was looking for the very new breed, which would be rare in Slovak show rings, the coat care would be almost "zero" and also the important factor was the character regarding living with other dogs in the pack. After several unsuccessful attempts, we found the breeder and reserved our first puppy "UVANE De Valneboeiro" in 2010 so our dream came true in February 2011! The very first puppy of the Spanish Water Dog breed came directly from Spain to Slovakia.

Nowadays our effort is to improve the breeding of Spanish Water Dogs in the world. Our priority is mainly health, exterior and good character. In the 2012 was born our first Spanish water dog litter. Quality is the main word we want to focus on, not the quantity. A lot of puppies from our breeding live in other kennels (thanks to other breeders for your trust) - not only in the Europe, but also in the USA or Australia. We hope that our puppies will bring a lot of joy to the new families and we look forward to meet new fans of the breed, with whom we can share the same love for the breed "Perro De Agua Espanol".


Some of the very special moments ... Thanks to all owners for great care and to all judges for appreciating our dogs!


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